Good day people of Edugeek.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following. We have eight sites separated approximately 10km from each other, Every site is connected by a 1MB link. We have one active directory site, with one AD integrated DNS zone (One AD and DNS server per site). The company I work for has decided to put up a training server on each site with a central database. It is required that each site connect to its local training server, but each site must fall under a global URL of Each server has an A record pointing to the local server, with DNS round robin disabled on each DNS server. We are able to connect to the URL but employees from one site end up connecting to servers in a different site instead of connecting locally. Does anyone know of a solution to keep employees from getting the wrong address from DNS and force them to connect to the local learning server instead of connecting to a different site. It has been suggested to work with local host files, but each site has approximately 200 to a 1000 users