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Network and Classroom Management Thread, A solution for our controlled assesment frustrations in Technical; Hi Like many on here, we've taken to doing our controlled assessments in ICT suites. And maybe like many on ...
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    A solution for our controlled assesment frustrations


    Like many on here, we've taken to doing our controlled assessments in ICT suites. And maybe like many on here, its proving to be a total bind for our support team. Whilst we are given a schedule in advance, ad hoc CA's are happening more and more frequently. Currently, we turn a classroom from standard use to CA by using Group Policy, dragging an entire room from one container to another. This works, but from an admin view its becoming a nightmare.

    We have thought about teachers the ability to turn a classroom from standard to CA and vice versa. The thought of giving them some kind of even very limited access to AD is a scary one!

    Has anyone come across some bespoke software or found a workable solution for this?


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    The way we do it is to have the students normal account disabled while their controlled assessment is on. The students have a seperate account per CA so their logon name is {examnumber}.{shortnameofsubject} so and example would be 1234.eng.

    I have designed an excel file that all i do is put the name of student in, form, exam number, password and shortnameofsubject and this generates the csv for AD import and cmd scripts which we run at the beginning and end of each CA. I mail merge the logons with the passwords to a logon sheet which is given to students at each CA and works really well.

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    i have made a program for my school which the teachers use to setup and control thier CA, then its up to them if it dont work
    they run the program, select the details of the CA, add the users from from Sims click "Create CA" and it creates folders,
    Subject, Date, Teachers name, Time in a Fodler on the network (R drive) also assigns a Logon name to the student (we have 100 accounts already setup Exam01, Exam02,,,,) , the folders are locked when created,
    the teacher can print this list any time to tell the students what logon name to use
    when the teacher is ready to do the CA they open the program, click Unlock which assign the permissions to the folders for that CA, e.g. Subject, Date, Teacher Name, Time, the students then logon with the exam account, and save the work into the R drive (the only they have)
    once the CA is over the teacher clicks Lock and the program locks all the folders for that CA, the teachers can access that folder at any time

    about 3 teachers are using at the moment and it seems ok, some small problems but easy corrected
    i have a help file if anyone want to email me

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