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Network and Classroom Management Thread, A question on Network Storage in Technical; We are a KS3 Emotionally Disturbed Boys (EDB)school with a maximum of 8 students per class. We have a Windows ...
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    A question on Network Storage

    We are a KS3 Emotionally Disturbed Boys (EDB)school with a maximum of 8 students per class. We have a Windows 2008 Domain with a mix of XP Pro and Windows 7 clients. We achieve very good results with the Photography GCSE which is taught / worked in a remote classroom which is currently networked by wireless (Ruckus). On too many occasions I'm getting moans that the boys work won't save in Word 2010 (it will save in Open Office all the time) and saving the images on the network take too long. We do seem to suffer this issue with home folders dropping off in Windows 7 but apart from that I'm wondering if some sort of local storage in the remote classroom might be worth investigating for the photo work. I'm also looking at getting the classroom wired to the network.

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    The usual problem with pictures in Word is that they haven't been compressed and the resulting document is ENORMOUS.

    Teaching them how to compress pictures in Word will probably make a huge difference.

    This document was put together for Office 2003, but I'm sure you could adapt it:
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