Morning all, I have been doing some work for a local primary school, they have bought some reconditioned vista machines to put in classrooms for the whiteboards. The rest of the school has XP and everything is fine. I have installed Ranger on the Vista clients without any problems, when logging on the user gets their desktop, start menu, mapped drives and printers but it will not load the users profile just getting the standard message that windows could not load you profile and has loaded a temp one. Although the machines are usable it is causing problems with the documents folder redirection and a few other little niggley things.
Not being an expert with Ranger by any stretch I have had a look around and found a setting in
Windows Ranger> Groups> Staff standard, Pupils etc> settings> Enviroment. There is a place to enter the window profile root.
For XP it has where to load it from, however there is nothing in the same place for Vista, and I am unable to enter anything in the box as it is greyed out. Am I missing something simple here? Sorry if this is a boy vague but I'm writing from memory as I left my notes at the school (dumb ass)
Any help would be greatly accepted