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Network and Classroom Management Thread, More than one printer appearing on PCs in Technical; Hi all, I am having an issue where I have deployed printers to all our classrooms using print management on ...
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    More than one printer appearing on PCs

    Hi all,

    I am having an issue where I have deployed printers to all our classrooms using print management on server 2008. I applied it to a computer GPO rather than a user.

    I am now getting an issue, when a user uses a printer in one classroom and then goes to another classroom it retains the previous printer, but it will allow them to choose that classroom printer.

    Anyone know how to get this sorted as this is going to cause issues when the classes start?

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    Can you please provide more detail, it doesn’t sound like you are using group policy preferences. I recommend using gpp with item level targeting. Gpp will allow you to target an OU, or group, or just a few computers.
    When you setup gpp put all your settings in the computer section of group policy and then it should not follow the user.

    I am not as familiar with the deploy with GPO option, however two things to check.

    Is your test user in the same OU as the computers?

    Are the computers your testing with in the same OU?

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