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Netware Thread, Groupwise Documents in Technical; We're moving to Gmail, and a user tried to move their 'Documents' folder in Groupwise (library?) across using a IMAP ...
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    Groupwise Documents

    We're moving to Gmail, and a user tried to move their 'Documents' folder in Groupwise (library?) across using a IMAP method we have in place.

    Sadly, it didn't work and it just transfers the documents as blank mails with no content attached, and now the documents have vanished from their Groupwise account too!

    Is there any way to recover these documents or is the user cream crackered?

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    somehow in groupwise 7 (never done it) you can recover the mailboxes and files & folders - sorry I cant be more help.

    A few of these links may be able to help you.


    Novell Documentation


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