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Netware Thread, Domain Services for Windows in Technical; Although this forum is still labelled NetWare, I was wondering whether anyone has had a play with Domain Services for ...
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    Domain Services for Windows

    Although this forum is still labelled NetWare, I was wondering whether anyone has had a play with Domain Services for Windows (DSfW). See Domain Services for Windows: Novell Open Enterprise Server 2

    This is designed to allow some of the AD features without running Microsoft servers.

    Does anyone have any experiences - both good and/or bad that they could feed back?

    I've got a meeting with Novell developers in a few weeks time, and I've been asked to give feedback as to why we do/don't use some of their products, and what features are missing from the ones we do use.

    I'll be at the BETT show on Thursday.

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    We started to play with this last year, when we were planning which way our network migrations was going to go. I was pushing for Windows Server, my colleague some sort of Liniux/hybrid solution.

    We got DFS up and working for a brief period, and had an XP machine joined to the domain. It felt like Active Directory from Windows 2000, don't quite know how to explain it clearer than that. We never went much further than that, so we never tested how 3rd party software would work with it, things like Group Policy, Software install, WSUS etc...

    Anyway, from what I understand, you can get very similar functionality by using 389 Directory Server and Samba, and unlike OES, it is truly open source.

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