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Netware Thread, Windows workstation login in Technical; When you login to NetWare windows pops up Windows Workstation login aswell, there is a way of getting rid of ...
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    Windows workstation login

    When you login to NetWare windows pops up Windows Workstation login aswell, there is a way of getting rid of this, but its been soooooo long since adding a comp to our office network and i cant find my notes on how it can be done.

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    Re: Windows workstation login

    I think you have to remove the client for MS networks in the network connection properties.

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    Re: Windows workstation login

    If you are using win95/98 clients then removing the client for MS networks will indeed have this effect as this will use the default user settings from the machine, however with win 2000/XP this second login is due to the local profiles on the PC and removeing the MS client will have no effect.

    To eliminate this you have a number of options:

    1. Create profiles on machines with exactly the same usernames as you netware accounts and the credentials will automatically be passed through to the windows login.

    2. Create a local account and setup auto login so that all logins use this account after netware authenticates.

    3. If you already have a Windows Server on your network use DirXML to syncrhonise accounts between the two systems.

    4. (this is my preferred method) Use Zenworks Desktop Management to set up Dynamic Local Users (DLU) that are either persistent or volitile.

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    Re: Windows workstation login


    We do the same as riedquat and use Novells Zen for Desktops, Dynamic Local User. We set it as a volatile user, so that when the user log in through the Novell client, the workstation manager creates a local windows user based on the Default User profile and then logs into windows. When the user logs out of windows the workstation manager then removes the user account and profile from the local workstation.

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