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Netware Thread, ZenWorks license metering in Technical; Does anyone have any experience of ZenWorks v7 license metering? All we want to use it for is to meter ...
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    ZenWorks license metering

    Does anyone have any experience of ZenWorks v7 license metering?

    All we want to use it for is to meter the use of Adobe CS suite applications, which are run on local machines rather than the network, so is it possible to get ZenWorks to meter this or not?

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    I think I'm a little late for this thread....

    Just for anyone checking in the future, you really need to have snap-ins loaded for licenses metering objects, OR just use the old NWAdmin which will allow you to create license objects on the tree. Once you have the ability to create license objects, it's very easy to configure them (amount of licneses etc) - the screens talk for themselves.

    You can then just link the reagulr app object from Zenworks 7 to that object in the license metering tab.

    *Edit* - forgot to answer your quesiton.
    If the WS is not on the network, then it isn't connecting to the zenworks server, so it therefore cannot be metered.
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