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Netware Thread, Restoring with SBCON in Technical; We backup daily using SBCON to DLT VS1 tapes in Netware 6. I am having difficulty restoring specific files using ...
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    Restoring with SBCON

    We backup daily using SBCON to DLT VS1 tapes in Netware 6.

    I am having difficulty restoring specific files using SBCON

    On the original tape lets say I want to restore this file

    PROJECTS:Projects/0002/Data/Raw Data/RDO/RDORaw.dat

    to another Directory


    So I set up a Restore Job, select the session to restore from, and under Advanced Options set the following:

    Rename Data Sets:
    Source Path: PROJECTS:Projects/0002/Data/Raw Data/RDO/
    Destination Path: USERS:SHARE/RESTORE
    Namespace: LONG (4)

    Subsets of what to Restore:
    Include Files: PROJECTS:Projects/0002/Data/Raw Data/RDO/RDORaw.dat
    (all other options set to default)

    Open Mode Options: (all set to No)

    Overwrite Parent: No
    Overwrite Child: No

    Then I submit the job. And it fails to restore the data.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to set up an SBCON restore job for specific files, that restore to a different place. We used to use SBACKUP/NBACKUP and you could pick files off a list there, puzzles me why this options isn't in SBCON.

    Your advice and help would be very much appreciated, thanks..

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    I notice no-one has replied. Try this from Novell:-


    I have just done a quick search on the Novell forums - seems you posted there too.....

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