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    Interactive projectors or interactive whiteboards - what works best?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for us? We have been looking at different interactive teaching options, but there are so many factors at play. At the moment, teachers have either SMART interactive boards or data projectors.
    We have a few things to consider: teachers feel that they do not want to be confined to the front of the classroom when they teach, so we are considering interactive projectors. We will be using iPads in the near future, so it has to be compatible with that.
    We had a demo interactive projector but couldnít connect iPads to it and maintain the interactivity Ė as soon as one exited iProject, one lost the interactive ability. It also didnít come with an educational suite, which meant that we still had to purchase e.g. math teaching tools etc..
    The tablet that could connect remotely to the interactive projector was quite pricey.
    Apple TV and a conversion cable to the projector works for remote interactivity with an iPad, but then one loses interactivity on the board.
    Does anyone use iPads with interactive white boards? And if so, can one use them remotely (from anywhere in a classroom)?
    Will appreciate advice.

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    Though I can't speek for experience using a Interactive Projector, I've plenty experience using & selling SMART and Promethean boards, and from experience you've two methods of connecting an iPad, thats AirPlay through an Apple TV, or through a VGA/HDMI adaptor that plugs in directly to the iPad 30-pin. I ASSUME, if Interactive Projectors work anything like SMART and Promethean boards you'll need a third party software installed to interprit the input (pen, movement etc) and then relay that back to the computer (or iPad in your case). Unfortunately, unless one of these companies comes out with an iPad App which provides said input, its unlikely anything you get will give you true interactivity with an iPad, or even an Andriod device for that matter - though you should be able to project your iPad screen through the Apple TV/Adaptor without issue.

    Only other suggestion is you look into using something like a computer/laptop with something such as RDP or VNC installed, which in turn can then be controlled remotely by the iPad (through an App - there are loads of RDP or VNC ones available). This is an awkward route, but would allow you full functionality, and teachers the freedom to roam the room, and use their iPad AND the Interactive Board/Projector as an input.

    Hope this helps,

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