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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Multiple Calendars on IPhones in Technical; My Head wants his PA to be able to control his calendar(Outlook) from her IPhone but not see his emails. ...
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    Multiple Calendars on IPhones

    My Head wants his PA to be able to control his calendar(Outlook) from her IPhone but not see his emails. She already has her own Outlook synching with the IPhone and has edit permissions on his Outlook calendar. I have been unable to find any information on this and wondered if anyone out there had any experience of trying to do this.

    Any help gratefully received even if it is only to tell me that it is not doable.

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    Assuming that it's on the latest iOS, you should be able to add another exchange account and simply tell it to only have the calendars on there ..

    I'm not sure (as I've not tried) but technically, I think that any calendar the PA has access to on their OWA/Exchange setup should also be able to show on her own calendar, but the first was would certainly work .. it would obviously mean that the heads details need to be put in and the PA would have access to the e-mails, but being a PA, I would of thought this is generally the case anyway, so shouldn't be an issue ..

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