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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Extending Storage Space on HTC Desire in Technical; Let's see if the collective EduGeek brains can figure this one out! My wife has got an HTC Desire running ...
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    Extending Storage Space on HTC Desire

    Let's see if the collective EduGeek brains can figure this one out!

    My wife has got an HTC Desire running Android 2.2 and thanks to updates and things, is now completely out of internal storage space with nothing she doesn't want that she can remove.

    Now, the Desire has got pitiful internal storage (about 150MB) and we have already moved all we can to the SD card.

    So, I am now at the point of suggesting rooting the phone and flashing a custom ROM so that the 'internal storage' can be shipped out to a partition on the SD card.

    What I'm after is some suggestions of a good ROM to use that has this feature. I know there are quite a few to be found online, but I'm hoping for some personal experience of them to make a good choice.

    Thanks all,


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    Personally, I like Oxygen - it's one of the lightest weight (read: uses least space) ROMs out there, and if you find the Data++ version you can store almost everything on the SD card. This also requires you to S-OFF the phone and flash a new HBOOT; this can brick your phone if you suddenly lose power or connection!

    A word of warning: make sure you have a fast (class 6 at least) SD card, otherwise Data++ will grind it to a halt!
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    I can't help with personal experience but the place i would look is here HTC Desire - xda-developers I have a galaxy s and everything I do to it comes from information i find here good luck

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    I recently switched from a Desire to the Galaxy Nexus but i used a couple of different roms on my Desire. The two i'd recommend are Cyanogenmod if you want 'stock' android or any of LeeDroid's roms (there are a couple from what i remember but he's probably the best) if you want Sense.

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