Toshiba's 13-Inch Excite: Does the World Need a Tablet This Large? | Gadget Lab |

Don't know if any of you have seen but Toshiba has announced a 13" Android tablet. Toshiba UK haven't decided whether to bring them over or not yet. What do other people think about a 13" tablet? Obviously not quite as handily portable as a 10" one but tbh I think it's a cracking idea. I had a conversation the other day about this and how I thought that a 13" tablet would be an excellent format.

I've had the AT100 and AT200 on trial which were excellent devices and spoken to my contact at Toshiba about this 13" one and i've been told the decision has not yet been made. If anyone has any comments or thoughts on the size please post them up and I will forward them on.