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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Tablet recommendations in Technical; Hi all, Currently looking at getting a tablet but not sure what to get...decisions, decisions lol!!! Mainly want it for ...
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    Tablet recommendations

    Hi all,

    Currently looking at getting a tablet but not sure what to get...decisions, decisions lol!!!

    Mainly want it for when I'm on the move so 3G is a must, but ideally like the option of a dock with keyboard although not essential. I've looked at the iPad, seen reviews of the ASUS Transformer Prime and the HTC Flyer but would like to know if anyone has had any experience of them? Already know what the iPad is like having had an iPhone in the past, but not sure of the alternatives...

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Windows 8 is on the way

    Personaly I'm waiting.....

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    iPad A5X CPU vs ASUS Transformer Prime Tegra 3 CPU benchmarks | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

    iPad 3 would be my choice but that's just me, no doubt everyone else will swear at it

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    I have a ASUS Transformer (TF101) and I really like it and i'm glad I bought it! The keyboard isn't as good as a convential keyboard but it is very useful for typing up notes and providing the extra battery power.

    I have a iPhone iOS and a HTC Android phone, in terms of the OS, I think they both have thier plus points. I would recommend getting in front of both and seeing which one you prefere. I personally liked the Android, hence I got the Transformer. To be honest, I have used the iPAD 2 as well and I really liked it also. I'd have to get a bluetooth keyboard with it though.

    I don't think you can go wrong buying either, but at the moment i'd give the Transformer the edge over the iPAD, though that's because of what I tend to use the tablet for..

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    I've been looking for a decent android pad, and they all look fantastic on paper.
    However I then read the reviews and they all seem to have major problems at the moment (from the Galaxy Tab with it's delaminating screen, the transformer prime with it's wifi and gps issues)
    As much as I don't like apple's walled garden approach, and lack of flash etc, the pads do seem to work as advertised and do what they do very well.

    Think I'll wait till they fix the android ones though :-) that and I cant afford one.

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    Santa brought me a Scroll Excel 7" Android tablet from Storage Options - Technology Without Compromise for only £129.99. It's been really useful to have around and has a great screen. Quick and easy to use and fits in my pocket too.

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