I know I should have got an HP while they were going, but at the time I didn't have a use for a cheap tablet; now I do - basically would like most of the "non phone" things I use my phone - HTC HD2 - for, but with a bigger screen. However (especially as I'm not convinced that it'll be more than a toy) I don't really want to spend >£100 (though if someone could convice me that the Android integration works I might go for a Playbook). So does anyone have any recommendations amongst the cheapo Chinese Droids?

Must have: GPS, Wireless, (Micro) SD expansion (unless 16 GB+ on board), USB, Flash, long battery life, >7" screen.

Would like: Bluetooth, Wireless N, 1080/HDMI output, Camera/s, 10" screen, ROM upgradeable/ICS.

Envisaged use: Light web browsing (especially on holiday), media playback (mainly video and photo), eBooks, CBR (comic) reading, "what's that star?" (hence GPS), use as remote keyboard for computer.