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    IPad Repair

    Does anyone know of any reputable third party companies that repair IPads? A colleague of mine has dropped her IPad resulting in the volume button getting pushed in and the casing getting dented (volume button no longer works and the volume icon is constantly being displaying on screen). She has tried going to Apple directly but they are quoting over £250 to repair it.

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    Apple iPad TearDown & Take Apart Repair Directions by DirectFix.com - YouTube

    This is how to remove the screen, the buttons whould be accessable from there.

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    One of our Apple resellers told me he sends all OOW repairs they take in on iPhone and iPad to these guys: UK iPod iPhone & iPad Repairs
    Pricing is on the site but would be worth contacting them for your specific problem. Pretty helpful and friendly (they patched up my g/f's battered iPhone 3GS and couldn't fault the service)

    There are lots of options via the search engines but I can (non-professionally) recommend these guys if you can't self fix.


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