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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, General query - how do you use your iPads? in Technical; Originally Posted by Abaddon No worries - I'll try and get it up tomorrow.. I'd be interested too, thanks for ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
    No worries - I'll try and get it up tomorrow..
    I'd be interested too, thanks for that

    One other use we have come up with is for presentations in the hall. as the pc running powerpoint is at the back of the hall, any presenter must turn to face the screen to see the next slide has come up. if you load impero console on an ipad, you can remotely view the pc screen, see the presentation in real time and place the ipad on a podium where it cant be seen. so you can stay facing the audience and know with confidence that the slides are advancing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
    Between the departments here, 8 pages of apps have been requested. They are used every day, almost every other period (on average). We have 28 in an UnoCart-32, which we use to charge and sync them all, via a MacBook which is in IT Support. So far they've made numerous videos etc and taken pictures to attach to their work. Languages use several apps, history make extensive use of Google Earth to identify battle sites etc, English use several different literary apps (mostly Shakespeare) with both spoken and annotated apps... I'm sure there are more, but I've been a bit busy recently!
    Are these apps free apps from the iTunes store or paid apps? If paid, how are you dealing with purchasing multiple copies of the software?

    Maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age, but are any of these apps "better" than anything you can run on a PC/laptop/netbook? Do the iPads supplement your convential computers or are they "instead of"?

    How about integrating with your current IT systems?

    Sorry...! Lots of questions..!

    I'm still struggling to see the value of slates in the classroom.

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    Right - apologies for the delay - there are screenshots of the app list here:

    Hopefully that'll work...

    It's a mixture of apps - some free, some paid for.

    We are still looking at proper integration with the rest of the network, but the intranet works fine with the associated resources in MS Office format. We are currently using YouTube for clips, with unlisted links so only we can see them. Will probably sort out something else for this though, for better control and access. For other things, there is the Citrix portal, but it isn't ideal for a lot of tasks - although it works quite well, it's obviously better suited for a device with a proper keyboard and mouse...

    They are in addition to the classroom PC's. It's a bit of a beta test, and classes have been taken outside and used the video/photo functions for some things, and made short videos etc etc.. The portability is obviously great for that.
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