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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, 20 ipod touch's for school, suggestions for apps? in Technical; Hi, firstly sorry if this post makes little to no sense, it's only my second week into my new job ...
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    20 ipod touch's for school, suggestions for apps?

    firstly sorry if this post makes little to no sense, it's only my second week into my new job as the IT Technician of a state grammar school and it's been information overload already :-)

    I've recently been handed 20 new iPod touches along with a new macbook to look after. They would like to use the ipod's in lessons, I'm currently learning my way around the iphone configuration utility to work out how to lock down parts of the ipods. I've used apple products for a while, but I was wondering if anyone out there could give a new guy any advice on the best kinds of set up (i've already had a skim of the forums and found some info) but my main question was are there any free apps that anyone has come across that may be useful in a classroom environment for different subjects? The head suggested that english and Languages had expressed an interest.

    Any suggestions welcome for the new guy to a school environment! :-)

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    Without wishing to sound like an a$$, shouldn't they check to see if there were useful apps for 20 ipod touches before buying them?

    I've seen a few bits of useful educational software on the apple store when I've gone looking myself, but don't remember that much of it being free. Have you seen this?

    There's all the stuff like google earth, dictionaries, etc.

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    Hi Matt

    There are many educators out there using iPads / iPods for a variety of things.
    Initially I would recommend reading Some of Ian Wilson's stuff and following him on twitter. iPads in Education
    If you can chat to the folk at a nearby Apple RTC then they can help too.

    Good luck and keep us all informed of how things are going.

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    not so much an app but a tool - a sledge hammer or drill

    Ipod mini vs. drill press - YouTube or Ipod mini vs. sledgehammer - YouTube

    but i seriously echo Roberto's comments - they school should seriously be looking in to why they have purchased 20 ipods without even thinking about there use first - its like me ordering the spaceshuttle - it might be useful one day to the school.

    but you could look at something like emerge for teaching staff Groupcall Emerge - the powerful yet intuitive iPhone / iPod 'App' which enables schools to have an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly and securely available in the palm of their hand

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    ipodtouch_v1a.pdfthis pdf shows the apps that we have been using with primary schools. By using folders we have managed to get them on just two pages. The best tip I can give is to setup one exactly how you want it then back it up and then copy the backup to your other device and then change the name. Also you can lock quite a few things in the settings. I'm happy to answer any question (if I can) either pm me or post

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