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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Zoo Storm Fizzbook - chargers in Technical; Hi guys firstly i know this might be a long shot, but need some advice, I used to work in ...
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    Zoo Storm Fizzbook - chargers

    Hi guys

    firstly i know this might be a long shot, but need some advice, I used to work in Education until 12 months ago, but i thought this would be a good place to ask. Ive recently purchased 2 zoostorm fizzbook laptop but these have no chargers, and i cannot find any information on what voltage etc these need. I know these have been used in eduction, so just wondered if anyone can help me out, or where i can get a replacment from etc!!

    thanks in advance

    I think these are the first notebook that came out, i think they are not the spin version.

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    Morning Lee,
    Most laptops have a "DC Input" or "Input" rating on the bottom of them. Sometimes this is located in the battery tray but look on the laptop body, not the battery. It should read in volts and hopefully amps. e.g. 19v- 3.42a (although sometimes it's only volts). It might be under the DC jack on the machine. If you can find that, you just need to work out the tip dimensions but that shouldn't be too tough.

    Hope this helps


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