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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, iPhone v Android Apps in Technical; Interesting: Top Smartphone Apps Reveal Shocking Differences in User Base | Retrevo Not my opinion obviously but ... "Now, one ...
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    iPhone v Android Apps


    Top Smartphone Apps Reveal Shocking Differences in User Base | Retrevo

    Not my opinion obviously but ...

    "Now, one could use this information to draw the conclusion that iPhone users are generally silly, with lots of time on their hands and a disinterest in using their powerful, cutting-edge, technologically advanced devices for anything other than throwing virtual birds at virtual pigs"

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    From a developers perspective, it's easier to make money from iOS apps (particularly games)...

    John Carmack, Id Software
    Every six months I’d take a look at the scope of the Android, and decide if it was time to start really looking at it. At the last Quakecon I took a show of hands poll, and it was interesting to see how almost as many people there had an Android device as an iOS device. But when I asked how many peple had spent 20 bucks on a game in the Android store, there was a big difference. You’re just not making money in the Android space as you are in the iOS space. (Source)
    Mike Montgomery, The Bitmap Brothers
    I'm not sure about Android. The problem with Android is that everybody wants games for nothing, and they don't want to pay anything. Why should we spend money on something when we're not even going to recover our costs? Android's a very difficult one, because it seems like it's a free market. I don't know if there's a lot of piracy – there probably is. And if it's not commercially viable, then why bother? We're not in this business to give things away. If we can't cover the development costs, and if we're not making a profit, then what's the point? I might as well give my money to charity. (Source)
    Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio
    Apple will be the number one platform for a long time from a developer perspective, they have gotten so many things right. And they know what they are doing and they call the shots. Android is growing, but it’s also growing complexity at the same time. Device fragmentation not the issue, but rather the fragmentation of the ecosystem. So many different shops, so many different models. The carriers messing with the experience again. Open but not really open, a very Google centric ecosystem. And paid content just doesn’t work on Android. (Source)

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    I read a report last week saying more developers are switching over to android market from apple. Android is still growing, the app market is catching up all the time, and with more people using android will soon see people paying for quality apps. There will always be the small percentage wanting everything for free but i believe there is enough people who will gladly pay for good apps.

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