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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Samsung Galaxy S in Technical; Originally Posted by Cools if you don't mind the galaxy putting on a few lb's have a look at this ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cools View Post
    if you don't mind the galaxy putting on a few lb's
    have a look at this for extra battery life..

    it has a kickstand.. lol

    Momax EXPower Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy S i9000 - 2700mAh - Black
    I am trying to find a damned good reason NOT to order that....

    And failing! I think I want one!!!

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    Well, you can help extend the life of laptop batteries yourself fairly easily. Just keep your wifi, bluetooth, syncing apps, and gps related apps turned-off when your not using them, because they continously are searching which drains the battery a lot. Also, reduce screen brightness and use the built-in battery usage screen to check the features that are using up most of your battery.

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    I've got a Galaxy S running 2.3.4 ([GUIDE] Flashing/Installing Gingerbread 2.3.4 to I9000: Detailed guide for n00bs - xda-developers)

    The main thing i found that killed battery life was Latitude (part of Google Maps)... since i disabled that, its been a lot better...

    I also tweaked the band selection so my phone only searches on the bands used by my provider... instructions on how to do that can be found http://whrl.pl/RcmrkL (note that the bands selected in the instructions are specific to Optus, Australia... you would need to find out what bands are used in your own circumstances)...

    With the above tweaks, in a good coverage area i can get a couple of days out of a charge... in low coverage areas its still lucky to get through the day, even with syncing turned off...

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    Juice Defender (recommended here in another thread) helped mine a lot. I am probably getting >1.5 days of mixed but not heavy use. Gmail always on, texts and the odd look into the work email on Firefox. Not many calls as I hate phoning people!

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