Ive had my EEE PC 1000h for about 6 months now - as it was with the default XP install it was fine, no problems. I then decided to upgrade it to Windows 7.

After getting all the neccessary drivers it was also working OK.
The problem came once I installed the Asus 'Super Hybrid Engine' for managing system performance.
On 'Auto' mode its fine, and on 'Power Saving' mode its also quite happy. But when I select 'High Performance' or 'Super Performance' the system completely crashes and I get awesome fuzzy colourfull lines going down the screen (graphics error me thinks?). All I can do then is a battery pull.

I have seen the 1000h model run Windows 7 with the 'Super Hybrid Engine' before with no problems. Could it possibly be the GPU on my netbook or a dodgy OS build?

System Specs:
Windows 7 Proffesional x86
standard everything else.

Any suggestions appreciated cheers.