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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Tools to access online learning in Technical; Hi there We are looking to improve our children's learning by purchasing some equipment that can be used for accessing ...
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    Tools to access online learning

    Hi there

    We are looking to improve our children's learning by purchasing some equipment that can be used for accessing online learning tools, eg: Espresso, EducationCity, Lexia, websites, videos, etc.

    We are looking to have a wireless network installed and are wondering what are the best mobile devices to use - Fizzbooks, netbooks, iPads (or similar), handheld devices.

    What do other schools use?



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    Personally I would go for laptops / netbooks as your first 'mobile tech' as they will offer you the largest options for use (internet, office, any software you already own etc) and wont throw up compatibility issues (such as the iPad not running flash) but they will also come with a setup & maintenance burden - in this school I spend more time fixing laptops than I do all other forms of tech combined. If you are going to run 20+ of these in one classroom and they are all going to be viewing things like Espresso videos then make sure the wireless you get is a decent spec one - 'home' routers from manufacturers like DLink just won't cut it (trust me, I know from experience!)

    iPads are great at what they do, but management of them is trickier. Your school needs an iTunes account, purchases will have to be monitored (and if you are going to be legal about it, you'll need to pay for apps on each device you use), you wont be able to access anything that requires Flash Player (guessing that makes things like EducationCity not accessible?) and you'll probably want to purchase the larger docks that allow you to charge/synch 10-12 iPads to 1 PC at once. There is no File Browser on the iOS either so you won't be able to set up individually-named folders for different children to save their work in, unless you use something like the DropBox App for online storage and then you are limited to 2Gb total storage (unless you pay for more).

    I would avoid older tech like PDa's completely, we have a set of 24 here and they have never been used for anything, total waste of money and time trying to set them up and make them secure (which is nigh-on impossible!)
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