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    Which Phone?


    I was on the train this morning reading the paper and saw an article related to the recent security issue on the Android phones, I googled when I got home and found this.

    Google still scrambling to recover from DroidDream Android attack

    I still concerned about the lack of security so might not get the Samsung now.

    Then I called my girlfriend on her iphone4. I eventually got through to her after the phone being constantly unavaliable. Not the first time this has happened. Apple have just confirmed an issue with the Iphone2, whereby the reception on these phones dont work as expected and you have to buy a £20 cover which protect the built in ariel so when youre holding the phone or have it in your pocket you get reception.

    Now, I dont want to get that.

    What do you recommend for a smarphone?


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    Every smart phone on the planet has issues, just like every computer does. Nothing is perfect. Windows 7 phones have a data leak issue. Android (which samsung phones use...) have had a couple of security blips lately. Apple has its restrictive policies and slight design fault with the iPhone 4.

    So, the only thing you can do is look at what your requirements are and match them against phones. Personally, this meant that the Desire HD was ideal for me.

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