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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, HTC Desire Proxy settings in Technical; I might use up a bit more of my contract first...
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    I might use up a bit more of my contract first

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    Quote Originally Posted by gparr View Post
    What you need is anProxy, works fine on a unrooted HTC. This has user authentication settings.

    We found, that with this, and any other Proxy util, we were getting the "Too many redirects". However, using OperaMini as a browser worked.
    Does mean that all the other apps I use (Facebook, TweetDeck etc) still dont work.

    Sounds interesting, I will have a look at that app. I have not had any troubles when i was on a sense ROM to use the proxy app for every app without any problems.

    As for Warrenty, im sure if its in a state that you can not revert back to unrooted then the phone will be out of action and hardware will need replacing (not a root or unrooted issue), say the screen breaks...this is not affected by OS modifications with regard to warrenty as the device does not need to be operational to effect the repair (i.e does not need software checked or reconfigured by repair center). I can not think of a situation where this would be an issue apart from complete incompitence like taking the phone to a repair station because you can not find the @ key on the on screen keyboard as you have updated to another MIUI keyboard etc.

    I say it comes down to weather you want to use everything to do with your phone or just the basic. With root you can do full backup/restore of everything you have on your phone. You can increase the internal memory size of the phone to use the SD card (EXT partition), i have well over 200mb of apps installed, you can increase upto a size of 1.5Gb I think, Alot better than Froyo apps2sd can handle.

    There are always people that think you should never modify something that is already working fine so please dont argue with me which is better to mod or not to mod as this is not what im saying, I am just stating my experience that I have found my phone SO much more fun after I got root and i can not see a down side.

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