I've been playing around with this phone for a while now and I have an internet contract with Tesco. However, what I cant do is seem to get any decent speeds with 3g. I have entered all the settings they have given me over the phone, even checked online and they are right. But whenever I try and use the 3g connection it seems to take an age and testing gives a speed of apx 200 kps on average. Here is what I have done to test variables:
- Checked signal is strong before using
- Changed the SIM(both a new tesco one and tried orange)
- Tried a differnt phone( friend has a San Fran)

All come back with very similar results. Can someone confirm this is the speed I should be getting or is there anything else I can try. The friends phone I tried is using the same build version as me, and the only thing I can think of which I haven't tried is changin the build. Can anyone shed any light on this?