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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, LanSchool v7.5 now available in Technical; I've just received this from LanSchool and are posting up on their behalf: We're excited to announce that the next ...
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    LanSchool v7.5 now available

    I've just received this from LanSchool and are posting up on their behalf:

    We're excited to announce that the next major revision of LanSchool is available in the customer portal. This release has a significant number of customer enhancements. We appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy the new release!
    Here's a list of new features included in LanSchool v7.5
    ● New wireless protocol takes wireless performance and reliability to a new level
    ● Mac feature parity with Windows - the only features not available on the Mac are active directory secure mode, browser
    independent web limiting, remote login and the SwitchToTeacher utility

    ● Multicast video distribution and playback efficiently distributes and plays video on student computers

    ● Audio listen and broadcast

    ● Browser independent web limiting on Windows

    ● Browser independent web history on Windows

    ● Keystroke alerting on banned words

    ● iPads, iPods, iPhones are supported as teachers and students (available for free in the iTunes store)

    ● Remote login logs in selected Windows computers

    ● Clear Desktop button immediately shuts down all applications on selected students

    ● Limit drives blocks USB and/or CD/DVD drives

    ● Testing enhancements
    - Save as added to the test builder allows you to save tests to locations other than the default
    - Short answer type added
    - Added test summary to exported files
    - Students can optionally see the results of their tests
    - Request students input their names into the testing tool

    ● Blank screens takes variables such as the login name to personalize student messages

    ● Support for dual monitors on both the teacher and student

    ● Optionally turn off the LanSchool Show Teacher sound

    ● Increased the size of the keystroke monitoring file to 300k (about 300 typed pages of text)

    ● Added a search capability to keystroke and web history

    ● Added a special characters filter to keystroke history to make it more readable

    ● Clear keystroke history from the teacher

    ● Added Block Now to the list of running applications

    ● Legacy class lists are set to type login

    ● Compare class list supports machine name and Active Directory name-based class lists

    ● Optionally show the Directory name in Thumbnail view

    ● A gray background is put behind show teacher, show student and blank screen on students that have a larger resolution than the

    ● Change web limiting from a drop down menu on the button bar

    ● Standard users can add WOL users to the Power On list

    ● If Update LanSchool on Selected Students copy file fails, the teacher is notified

    ● Added Clear Blank screens menu

    ● Show the last 10 sent messages under the Message button

    ● Added a DisableDataTransmission utility that enables/disables the ability to change the network settings

    ● Send/Collect files enhancements
    - Collect student files back to a single folder
    - Better error reporting in file transfer

    ● Disable the task manager/activity monitor is an install option

    ● Channel numbers added to the WOL feature
    This is a free major release to anyone that purchased v7.4 this past year. To view your eligibility for this version, login to the LanSchool customer portal. If you've forgotten your password, there is a password reset feature on the login screen.
    Updates | Support | LanSchool
    LanSchool Home and LanSchool Lite were also updated to v7.5.

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    Going to test this out, we have Impero V3, it just does not work, the console keeps crashes on startup and when a student logs out of a computer, the logon screen keeps going black, then back to the logon screen, and loops like that, so its props gonna ruin our screens. And when the console was working, we couldnt actually remote into the computers.

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    Hi P-dave

    Have you managed to get your problem sorted with Impero crashing? We are thinking of trialing it as we are looking at replacing our current system (Ranger).


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    We use LANSchool here; it's very popular with the teachers.

    I rolled out 7.5 to one room but had problems with it, it took upwards of 20 minutes to load Internet Explorer and even then it was a low chance IE would load the home page.

    This could have been caused by software clashing - I didn't do any testing to see what was causing the problem, just swapped back to 7.4.x.x.

    I haven't reported it to LANSchool yet; I want to see if I can replicate the problem on a test machine before I do.

    I'd also point out the LANSchool support is very good, and they also listen to customers and will add features that customers ask for - obviously they don't guarantee to add any features but I've found them quite amenable so far.
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    Nothing annoys me more than companies not giving prices, contact us for a quote is so annoying, usually because of the number of zeros in the price.

    Nice looking software though, I may be tempted to trial the lite version.

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    It wasn't prohibitively expensive, the reason for the call is twofold: 1/ the pricing isn't straight forward in as much as 1 license per machine 2/ arrange a trial of the full version.

    Or at least that was my experience.

    I do agree though it is annoying - but in this case it was worth it.

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    lanschool 7.5 seems to be ok so far except one problem i have is that when the machines are at the login screen the teacher console does not see the client the pupils have to log in before it is picked up.

    i am going to download an upgrade that the support people have but so far it seems to be pretty good.

    as for pricing if you ask for migration pricing it works out very very cheap

    60 clients cost us around 265 pounds with three years support.

    we have net support school and the pricing is really stupid. thats why i went for lan school

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    Quote Originally Posted by round2it View Post
    lanschool 7.5 seems to be ok so far except one problem i have is that when the machines are at the login screen the teacher console does not see the client the pupils have to log in before it is picked up.
    That is very odd, here we see the login screen, I use it to log myself in to whole rooms when I'm having to visit each PC. I know I could script the PC's to auto login but LANSchool is there and easy.

    Do they show up if you hit F5 to refresh the teacher console?

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