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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Apple iPod/iPad Implementation in Technical; Hi all I am in the process of setting up iPod Touch/iPad devices for staff and students but in a ...
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    Apple iPod/iPad Implementation

    Hi all I am in the process of setting up iPod Touch/iPad devices for staff and students but in a jam as to how to get them setup. Naming to share files, acccess resources on the RM CC3 shares and printers. I have come across Studywiz Mobile, but I havent had any replies from them. So has anyone gone this route before?

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    Looking at rolling out a similar solution, but based on current findings software is expensive because its a new market which alot of companies are trying to break into (ipad deployment and management). Most companies are based in America as well. An example is airwatch but they were around $14,000 for up to 200 devices.

    There is a thread on here with details idevice rollout and information about a school in scotland that rolled out ipads on a 1:1 ratio - the person that did it has a blog which details how he managed it etc.

    Deploying and managing iPads

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