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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Is the Nexus the IPhone killer for Geeks? in Technical; OK people - you've had you Nexus Ones for a few weeks - what does it do that's great and ...
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    Is the Nexus the IPhone killer for Geeks?

    OK people - you've had you Nexus Ones for a few weeks - what does it do that's great and what is it bad at?



    PS for example I have an ominia - syncing with outlook/PC is easy peasy - the on screen kbd is utter rubbish and its needs a stylus to use it (or shaped thumbnail!) - and I can't have shortcuts to apps on front page - t'internet via opera or IE is hard to use - especially Facebook/Edugeek from a pub
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    IMHO the HTC HD2 is the Iphone killer, not the Nexus, but for some reason its overlooked by most on here.

    I know its no great source to be trusted but just have a look at the video reviews on youtube (HTC HD2 vs Iphone) or (HTC HD2 vs Android). The stock Rom on WM is very stable and functional but if you go the route of flashing new cooked Roms then the flavor just keeps on giving. I must admit the screen on the nexus looks very bright and crisp compared to the HD2 but its still ALOT smaller at 3.7" compared to 4.3" on the HD2.

    Both these phones still fail on the capacitive screen, I do like the multitouch but not as much as using the screen when I have gloves on or using a fine tip stylus to draw or write with but that is just a minor disadvantage.

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    Whether a phone is right for you comes down to what you want to do with it

    The Nexus One (or Motorola Milestone) would be the sensible choice if you use any of Google services - the integration for email, calendar, contacts and maps is second to none. The Nexus is also highly customisable, and has satnav functionality out of the box.

    The hardware of the HD2 is very similar to the Nexus One (as they're both made by HTC, both have a 1GHz processor...) but it runs Windows Mobile. That's either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your take with Windows stuff. I'm not sure if it has satnav out of the box.

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