Phones4U called us in today to offer to buy out daughter's Orange contract for £120 of real money

basically, contract due up at end of May, so they'll give us the cash for 4 months tarriff and she could have had a new phone today.

When we still seemed reluctant, manager came across and offered 1st month of new contract free - another £40.

Daughter still said no (as they didn't do the phone she wanted - Sony Aino - and she'd pre-decided not to take up any offer of any other phone) but finacially it seemed a very good offer no catches offer (we told them that we wern't having the insurance).

Now we'd bought the last phone from them so it might just have been an existing customer/Chorley store only offer but maybe worth checking out if your near contract end at your local store

The HTC HD2 thingy looked very good on the shelves