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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Laptops + trolly setup costs in Technical; Originally Posted by chris57 we have over a 100 laptops we look after which we take out to lessons we ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris57 View Post
    we have over a 100 laptops we look after which we take out to lessons we have shelfing in our office with boxs of 6 laptops in each. we looked at the trolly method and dident work well with is so we did it this way works ok.
    Erm, how does this work? If you need 30 lappys for a class then that'll be 5 boxes. How often are they used?

    As for lapsafes. We've got a 32 laptop trolly. The thing is so heavy that I was agreed no one should be expected to move it on a regular basis. It's a bit of a white elephant to be honest. We've found increasing the number of IT rooms to be easier.

    Students are portable by design, with computers it costs extra.
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    yeh thats correct 5 box's if we needed 30 but our class sizes are (suppose to be) no more then 24.

    we take them out on sack trollys. there stored in big red boxs from the really usefull box company and stored on heavy duty shelfing in our office which we have wierd all the power supplys up if some photos would help i could try get some pictures for you.

    and we have a nearly 99% wireless coverage of our site we have set up and managed outselfs.
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