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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, 3G contracts in Technical; My schools have decided to get together and buy 90 netbooks with 3G to loan out to pupils wihtout home ...
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    3G contracts

    My schools have decided to get together and buy 90 netbooks with 3G to loan out to pupils wihtout home net access. The hardware isn't a problem, but where on earth do I start looking for 90 3G / mobile internet sims with contracts? Anyone any experience of this?

    Cheers (and Hi!)


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    I would phone each telco and ask about B2B sales, you should be able to deal with an account manager who can give you a quote.

    PS This could get really expensive eg. with three 90 x 15 => 1350 a month x 18 month contract => 24,300 for the contract term
    and this only includes 5GB of data what do you do if the kids go over the limit?

    How about paying for a telephone line and broadband for the kids or even WiMax on the school roof?
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    When we was forced to buy 290 as part of the CfP scheme. We could get the year contracts for all of them for 25K cheaper from Misco than what RM were selling them to us for.

    Misco have a T-Mobile contract person in house. But apparently our LEA had already arranged the best value for money deal, so we were forced to buy them RM

    (Why dont we have a wheeler dealer del boy smilie? or one for back handers) lol


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    What about filtering? Would it be a requirement with the kit being owned by the school?

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