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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, blackberry scroll wheel issue in Technical; Got one of the SMT blackberrys here and the issue is that the roller ball on my blackberry isnít working ...
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    blackberry scroll wheel issue

    Got one of the SMT blackberrys here and the issue is that the roller ball on my blackberry isnít working so they canít scroll down Ė only up.

    Is this a common issue with a blackberry? Ive never used one in my life before so have no idea.

    Or is it broken completely?

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    My Blackberry is very similar - it will scroll both ways but with a huge bias towards up. Makes navigation very difficult.

    Previous BB was fine for a couple of years though, I wouldn't fault them overall - great devices.

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    That happens to mine occasionally - I think it must be dust or fluff as a quick blow soon gets it working again. Theres ways to remove the ball to clean it which I tried on my Pearl, but never tried it on my bold now.

    BlackBerryInsight How to clean your BlackBerry’s Trackball

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