I have been asked to sort out a Nokia 6288 which when handed to me just brings up the inital splash screen, and then flashes the screen white three times......

Google tells me that this seems to be a issue with the phone when bluetooth has been used to update apps etc, and the firmware is corrupted.

There are a number of reset codes (which only work when the phone can boot......)

You can apparently hold #,3,green and power to reset, but again I think the phone is too far gone to get to this option.

I then downloaded nokia`s firmware update software etc, and tried that, but it does not detect the phone, saying is the phone turned on (well no, becouse thats what I am trying to fix...).

Any suggestions?

Normally I would be saying just replace the phone, but there are very good reasons to keep with that model, and this is a ebay replacement for one with a broke screen, so cost is becoming a big issue for the owner.