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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Easy Peasy for netbooks in Technical; I have been asked to look into a new Linux OS for our Asus eee PC 4G 701 net books. ...
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    Easy Peasy for netbooks

    I have been asked to look into a new Linux OS for our Asus eee PC 4G 701 net books. My network manager has given me a USB Pen drive with Easy Peasy for Net books on it to try. I am currently running it from the USB Pen Drive. I have been looking around on it and found that in the add remove programs list is a bit of software called Likewise Open. It says it is for connecting the net book to a windows active directory. This is ideal for what we want to achieve in the long run but I can not get it to work. I have tried entering our full network name e.g. domain.local but it says it can not identify it. However when I put in our main DC server name and not mention our network name it tries to connect and asks for the administrator details. I have entered these and then it comes up with the following:

    Unable to join domain

    Domain join operation failed to create the computer account in Active Directory. Common causes are a bad administrator password, a bad OU name, or an existing computer account without modification permissions.


    Error code: CENTERROR_DOMAINJOIN_JOIN_FAILED (0x0008000e)


    Can anyone help with this as I have tried everything I can think of. We are wanting to use this OS to replace the default OS on the Asus eee PC 4G 701 as the WEP key seems to disappear or the students are taking them out. We have looked for ways to lock the WEP key in place but have found nothing.

    All help is welcome

    Kind Regards


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    Can you ping your domain from it? Not the DC, just your domain.

    If not try adding an appropriate DNS record somewhere, pointing your domain name at the IP address of one of your DCs, then see if it'll let you join.

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    Easy Peasy is Ubuntu (isn't it?) so you might find some answers on the Ubuntu forums.

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