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    Question Hard drive image of a netbook without CD/DVD drive

    I've been having problems with one of our Dell Latitude 2100's. It just won't connect to our Wi-Fi network. The other two 2100s work fine.

    I took two home and they both connect but one at a very low speed. The working one always connects at 54Mbs, that other connects at 1 or 2Mbs. At school it will connect if I delete the entry from the DHCP server and take to directly under the Wi-Fi access point.

    Anyway I've been speaking with Dell technical support and they want me to swap the hard drives over. It means a lot of unscrewing and taking out the keyboard. I'd rather not do that.

    Is there a way I could take an image of the hard drive and restore the other image from one that works? I have a copy of True Image Home 11.0 on a CD. I also have a spare 2GB USB stick and an external 160GB USB hard drive.

    Also is there anyway to trace/debug why Windows XP Home wonít connect to a Wi-Fi network?

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    I used true image last night to clone disk to disk thinking it would be a nice simple operation as one of the drives didn't sound healthy. The result is 2 disks that tell me the OS is missing ffs! I am downloading knoppix now to see if I can get anywhere and maybe fix the mbr.

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    the no cd drive problem can be solved by using a usb cd drive....

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