No No No, not another I wan firmware for my viewty thread BUT I have flashed the firmware on my Viewty!!

How much better is it you ask? Well I can definitely say that although it's no iPhone it's soooooomuch better than before. Touchscreen is better than before, slightly more responsive, the keyboard when texting allows u to hold your finger on the key and move it about the keyboard without selecting a letter until u release.

I also have noticed a slightly improved singal on my phone, previously my phone spent a fair bit of it's time randomly losing the signal.

To decide which firmware you want to flash yuour phone with you really should do a fair bit of research and YOU MUST make a backup of your LGAPP folder before you do it just incase you brick your phone.

Check out Best Method for Flashing Firmware - Mobile Phone Forum, News, Discussion, Support and Online Sales | which was where I found most of my information and I also did a fair bit of Googling.