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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Unlocked iPhones in Technical; How many of you have unlocked iPhones? I'm currently a T-Mobile user with a Blackberry. I don't plan on changing ...
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    Unlocked iPhones

    How many of you have unlocked iPhones? I'm currently a T-Mobile user with a Blackberry. I don't plan on changing my mobile carrier as my wife has the same, but I would definitely like the get an iPhone because of all the apps, goodies, etc.

    I know unlocking an iPhone is possible, but I heard that everytime you update your phone, you have to unlock it again. Has anyone dealt with this and consistently had to unlock their iPhone?

    Comments and suggestions please

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    Google the following: jail breaking

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    I have unlocked many 2 and 3G iphones over the last few months.. The 3G can be upgraded, but usually a couple of weeks after the official release when the iphone dev team have updated their software to allow you to upgrade with updating the baseband.

    The best place for the latest information is Dev-Team Blog

    Any other questions?


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    Any iphone you buy new nowadays will have the 02.30.03 baseband update which can not be unlocked.
    It can be downgraded to an earlier version but only iphones made before September 2008 with a certain version of the bootloader can do this, otherwise you are SOL until the dev team find a way around this.

    There are hardware modifications that can be done instead, but these are pretty unreliable and some require you turn off 3g (defeating the point somewhat)

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    I've just got an iPhone, and although I considered Jail Breaking it, in the final analysis, it's my own stupid fault for falling for the hype.

    The phones good, but it's not great.
    The camera is pants and being locked into iTunes is a pain, the fact that you can't get an app that isn't "approved" by Apple, even Flash Player for Opera is banned!

    The internet, without Flash!

    If Microsoft was that anti-competitive, there would be a huge outcry, but because it's Apple, and it looks nice, no-one complains.

    Thats my two pence anyway.... don't get an iPhone, they are good, but they aren't THAT good!

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