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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, SipGate on WM6 in Technical; A Question for those of you who know about VOIP! I've got an Orange SPV M3100 (HTC Hermes), running WM6 ...
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    SipGate on WM6

    A Question for those of you who know about VOIP!

    I've got an Orange SPV M3100 (HTC Hermes), running WM6 Black Satin, and have configured the Internet Calling to work with my SipGate account. The idea behind this is that when I'm abroad on holiday I can log onto the hotel's WiFi which is often free these days and call back home quickly and easily for very low cost. For this reason I wanted a service without a monthly fee which is why SipGate seemed to fit the bill.

    Problem is that with it all set up, I can dial out and others can dial in; however, the other party cannot hear me (I can hear them). From what I understand, some ports need to be opened on the router. This would be OK at home, but when I'm not on my network this wouldn't be possible. Is there any way to get this working over the standard open ports? Preferably SSL 443?


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    I think if you use a STUN server that can help.
    And for calls from abroad, check out voipuser.org - you can get a small amount of free calls, as they operate a community pot of minutes each month funded by inbound calls.

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