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when i said compatible i meant actually having the drivers already built in to xandros, the brother printer i was trying to install has .deb packages available, but way you go about installing them is a nightmare, worse, far worse than old dos days.
...in DOS days I just used to pipe files straight onto a line printer. That's about as simple as you can get, so I'm not surprised that nowadays, when you've got graphics, fonts, colours and so on to deal with that printers are harder to install.

in my opinion the eee pc was marketed as a cheap alternative to a 'big' laptop and thus an alternative to a 'real' desktop, and i'm sure it must be a dissappointment to a lot of people.
You must've seen different marketing to me. As far as I was aware they were marketed as small laptops for little more than internet access and maybe some basic office work, with the work then to be uploaded to a desktop machine.

You'd be far better off buying an old second hand system with any, and i mean any version of dos/windows. Even 3.1 was better.
Depending on your purposes anyway. Personally I use my EEE PC as a mixture of things, by having different operating systems loaded on the SD cards, making it a very fast-loading, multi-specialised system.

i played with linux years ago, and i thought 'this is just a weird sort of DOS', and then i had a go with ubuntu etc, still not impressed, but until the wonderful open source programmers come up with a way to make hardware, software,and drivers easy to add and remove ( with just a few clicks, or simple commands)the project is pretty much a waste of time, as computers are all about interfacing to devices.
And this pretty much says it all I guess.

Computers are about a lot more than just interfacing to devices, I can't even remember the last time I had to resort to a printer. Probably over a year ago. Most of my file transfers, for anything, are either USB key or SD card. Both of which work fine with every modern version of Linux, and Windows, I've encountered.