Setting up 8 EEE-PCs this week ready for Electronic Registration in the hall, and I thought my image was all fine. But I started experiencing a weird problem.

Tried moving the Pagefile.sys to the SD Card, but not only was the pagefile.sys remaining on the C drive (and unable to delete), but after this change it would stop the WiFi from working. Wifi would not enable (blue light on) or would just not get an IP address. Very very strange.

Resorted to leaving as is for now, low space on C: drive but it works for now, but for the life of me I can't work out what is causing this. Even moving the pagefile back to C: the wifi system seems completely borked!!!

On the plus side, as I said it works. Eight of these little blighters working nicely with SIMS installed in the hall under the watchful eye of a new HP 420 AP up high. Got them locked down with GP and will be used purely for electronic registration only. Setup a small .vbs script the pings the SIMS server first before launching SIMS to give the WiFi the second or two it needs to lock on when user double clicks the SIMS icon. True test will be next Thursday when the kids are back.