Hi, I'm getting confused here! Can anyone answer some questions for me?

We have just got 30 iPad's with a charge and sync trolley. It has 2x USB's to connect to all 30.

I understand that I can use Apple Configurator to manage the iPad's and deploy apps which I have successfully done today. I have used a normal Apple ID to download the IPA's through the iTunes store.

I have also signed up to and got working, Meraki, with our school VPP account. This is where I am getting confused.

If I use Apple Confirgurator then I can sync all the apps I want and they sync to the devices without any user interaction or being asked to sign in to an iTunes account which is exactly what we want.

If I use Meraki (which would be handy for remotely installations when I'm not there and the benefits of VPP, if there are any?) then I can use the VPP account but it appears that every device needs its own Apple ID to accept new apps.

Am I missing something or is this about right?