Sorry this has probably been asked a lot, but I haven't found an answer to my specific question yet.

Setting up 6 sets of 10 iPads throughout a school. So each station of 10 has a charging/sync docking station and a Macbook Pro attached.

I want to manage all of these iPad's globally in some fashion as well as allowing each 6 classrooms to sync any new free apps they desire.

I have a VPP ID to manage purchasing apps. Have a meraki account setup to use for more global management, seems easy enough.

Just not clear on the individual classroom management part. Does this make sense:
Setup 6 apple id's for each Macbook Pro and install Apple Configurator. Setup configurator as to go to for getting staff to sync the apps they want. So I would have 6 different Configurator profiles, plus 1 global profile for basic settings and apps that will be used throughout the school.
Then if I want to change settings globally or add a paid app etc. just do that with Meraki to make things easier.

So my questions are:
- Get teachers to sync apps using Configurator or iTunes?
- Do I need 6 different Apple ID's for this arrangement?
- Do I do the initial setup for all iPad's from 1 station before sending out to the 6 installed stations, or do 6 different setups at each individual station?

Thanks very much for any help