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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Mail on iPads in Technical; Afternoon all So, what am I doing wrong? We have office 365 here and 30 iPads that are borrowed by ...
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    Mail on iPads

    Afternoon all

    So, what am I doing wrong? We have office 365 here and 30 iPads that are borrowed by multiple users. We have an email account set up that we would like on all 30 iPads to allow users to email themselves work/photos before they hand back the iPads. (This is how our head has decided he wants it).

    We only manage them very basically with configurator to install apps and apply restrictions. Now, if I add a mail account just by opening the mail app, selecting Exchange and filling in the relevant information, it all works swimmingly. However, if I create a profile via configurator and apply to all iPads I just get "cannot connect to server" when trying to launch the mail app. I have tried using Exchange and POP settings but same result whatever I do.

    Is there some sort of special Apple quirk that I am missing? Has anyone done this successfully?

    Please excuse the ignorance I never professed to have a clue or the slightest interest when these iPads got thrown at me with no warning I'm supposed to just be software support so this is all alien to me.

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    Not sure about the exchange issue unfortunately.

    However, we do offer a solution which seems to match your requirements. It uses a single account and allows users to save data on the iPad directly to a folder of choice on your server. It sounds like this would streamline the process of the pupils retrieving the data..

    See AirCatch here Business I.T. Systems Ltd

    Doesn't help directly but I hope this can offer a solution to your problem..


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    It may have something to do with Configurator remembering passwords possibly. I presume everything else remains populated?

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