Hello all,

I am currently looking at our iPads and wondering if I can fully automate everything or do I have to fiddle about with each ipad a bit,

Our setup here, is that we have an iMac for it and 10 ipads with a griffin multidock, Everything has connected and configured fine as far as I can see so far and i've been through a few , I have been using Apple Configurator and have the devices setup to be supervised and I have set a profile up to lock them down having worked through the ipads, the Syncing and adding of apps the machines has been done with a central account that we have, we are only using free apps at the moment and everything seems to have gone out to the ipads fine, even adding in apps and syncing everything through configurator has gone fine, but I have noticed that it leaves things "Half Configured".

When I have pushed everything through to them doing this, I notice that I manually have to setup a lot of other stuff, there are no restrictions in place and I have to manually do the remainder of configuration for things not in the configurator app, is this right or am I missing a trick ?