Hi guys

Does anyone know much about Apple's 2 step verification process?

If you haven't noticed yet next time you log in to your VPP account to manage facilitators you would won't be able to do so until you set this up. It might not affect you if you don't need to access that area again but for new Schools or people like me that work for a support team installing sets of iPads for Schools and helping them set up VPP it could be an issue.

Until they brought this is in the vpp manager account wasn't really used other than to register for the program but now they want it attached to a phone number and a device.
Will other IDs be able to be used on this device or do you only need to sign in if you need to recover the password? and do you know if we could use the same iPad/number for multiple accounts as we tend to set the vpp up for Schools before we visit to install. Failing that could a Mac mini be used as the device for this to save having to use one of the staff/students iPads?

I might be over complicating the relevance of this 2 step verification but just trying to establish how it will affect the way we help Schools set this up.