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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, SWOT for introducing iPads 1:1 in school in Technical; Hi All, i am currently trying to put together a SWOt for introducing iPads 1:1 in our school. We may ...
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    SWOT for introducing iPads 1:1 in school

    Hi All,
    i am currently trying to put together a SWOt for introducing iPads 1:1 in our school. We may never go ahead and do it but need to do this anyway.
    My problem is it is mostly negative at the moment. Can anyone suggest any other items to add in any of the four Headings?


    Do we know if introducing ipads will improve the students' progress?
    Student forgets to bring it to school, ipad lost or out of charge - how do they then participate in lessons
    A cheaper device, such as a laptop, could probably do most of the things an iPads can do but also has a keyboard and the ability to use office. One of the biggest iPad evangelists, Frasier Spiers at Cedars school of excellence, is currently looking at chromebooks for his students!
    Could the addition of all these devices cause a large work load to the IT support department. Would we need to employ an extra technician?
    Cost of upgrading wireless
    Extra hidden costs for MDM, extra training for staff
    Controlling the ipads in classroom, e.g. how do we stop them playing angry birds during lesson? If they are the ones buying would we have to ensure they had full control of the device offsite e.g. to play angry birds?

    Stand out from other schools who do not have this sort of technology.

    Angry parents annoyed about having to pay for the device
    Device become redundant before student leaves school? Would they pay for one over three years and then again over two years?
    Could devices be stolen when students are not using them e.g. during PE or on way home from school?

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    Edugate Bett Flyer.pdf

    Hi Reggie,

    We offer a solution like you've mentioned. We were showing it off at Bett this year. See below:


    It doesn't have to be iPads. It can be any device you wish
    The cost includes the device, a case, warranty and insurance
    The insurance covers accidental damage, theft etc
    We do the support and chase any money (if needed)
    If the device is broken/stolen, the kids don't come to the IT dept. The parents log on to a portal and report the problem and then we sort it out.
    The portal can be branded as a school portal
    0% interest
    The parents/child owns the device at the end of the term
    Frees up the schools budget
    We give the school a kick back to spend on wireless or whatever you like
    Free Apple training days for every 50 the school go for

    It seems to work across all areas. It's cheaper through this scheme than buying it from high street retailers.

    We can come out to the school and have a more in depth chat, show you the portal and answer any questions you have. We can attend SLT meetings, parents evenings, what you like.

    The people who already use us will know that we're a very flexible company to work with and this is no different.

    If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to help


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