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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, iCloud Password Prompt in Technical; I am having a problem with student iPad's being prompted for their icloud password, they can not cancel the request ...
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    iCloud Password Prompt

    I am having a problem with student iPad's being prompted for their icloud password, they can not cancel the request & they will not be given the iCloud password. This is a problem as we have 5-10 request per day without any common denominator, some are connected to wifi, some are not (which they have to be to clear it obviously) no common apps opened etc. it is quite frustrating & has been going on for about 2 weeks now. I have 3 technicians encountering this and unable to locate any common denominator. Does anyone have any ideas on the cause?Our iPads do use iCloud for find my iPhone only & as an extra security layer & students are restricted from accounts via restrictions & can not change or do anything with this. I have 2000+ iPads deployed to students. We do use apple configurator & airwatch, airwatch was not helpful in this regard as it's not their program causing the issue & apples support has never been much help.Things we have already tried, wifi on/off, auto join, ask to join networks.Does iCloud time out & REQUIRE information every so often? I have not seen this on any of our staff or personal devices & we have hundreds of iOS devices like this.Any input or ideas are greatly apprechiated, I love this site as it usually has the answers I need by just searching, but no luck this time.

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    I would assume it's the Find My iPad feature which is doing it. We do not activate anything to do with iCloud (which Find My is a function of).

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