I've been searching for hours to understand why both Ghost and Acronis True Image boot CDs do NOT work on my "Lenovo Tablet 2" tablets. I finally found the horrible answer : my tablet has UEFI and is 32bit. If it was a 64bit tablet, I would then be able to use the boot CDs.

I can't imagine there is no solution but I never googled so much for a solution without finding a hint of an answer. I found somewhere that it should be possible with the whole and heavy Microsoft solution (SCCM and stuff..) but to be honest, I was hoping for a solution similar to the one we've been using for years here : setup windows the way I want it and then do an image.

The heavy Microsoft solution WILL be adopted into our enterprise but we're not ready for this now (we're really slow when it comes to this kind of changes and I am not allowed (nor have time) to venture into this in this time of the year.

Wouldn't there be out there a simple boot CD that DOES BOOT into this kind of situation and allows me to image the whole disk?

Thank you!